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Westlake Village’s Original Aikido Training Center

Creating conflict is easy, but self-defense without conflict requires a new level of martial arts knowledge. As a practitioner of traditional Aikido training principles, Westlake Village Aikido helps Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and the Conejo Valley learn the art of redirection. With more than 20 years of experience training in Aikido and a variety of other disciplines, we start with a foundation in martial arts and self-defense and guide you as you advance through training.

Aikido does not obsess over physical power or strength. In fact, brute force is a hindrance in this art. Instead, Aikido is using your opponent’s energy against them, merging with their momentum to disrupt their balance, posture, and power. Westlake Village Aikido teaches you the four distinct levels of the martial art:

  • Katai – rigid training
  • Resilient – learn to go with the energy, like bamboo in wind
  • Ki no Nagari – merging into the movements of an opponent’s attack
  • Ki – abdominal breath energy, a concept that requires knowing the first three

If martial arts as a whole is a tree, Aikido is the trunk and roots. You will learn the foundations of both Aikido itself and all other martial art styles we teach by attending our Aikido training sessions.

Teaching Responsibility with Aikido Classes for All Ages

Westlake Village Aikido provides highly disciplined training to students of every age. Every martial art, even Aikido, requires the responsibility and mindfulness to use it correctly. During our Aikido classes, we teach children, teens, and adults the respect, discipline, and leadership—of the self and of others—needed to be responsible.

Hurting someone is easy. Not hurting someone is an art. We foster a responsible outlook on training not only because we value the health and safety of our students, but because Aikido also teaches us an infinite level of severity in self-defense response. You will learn how to assess every situation and find the appropriate severity for it.

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Westlake Village Aikido

Westlake Village Aikido
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