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Westlake Village's Dojo for Comprehensive Martial Arts Classes

Searching for the right martial arts classes to fit you without driving too far from Westlake Village or Thousand Oaks? Westlake Village Aikido has been offering classes in combined martial arts practices in the Conejo Valley since 1989. Our classes teach the strong foundations behind martial arts in general and Aikido in particular, challenging students to advance their skills and mindset.

All martial arts share the same core principles, such as the basic formula of force. With the correct tools, you can improve your understanding of any style, especially Aikido. With martial arts classes available for students of any age, Westlake Village Aikido helps you develop your understanding of the core basics.

Karate Classes That Provide a Foundation in Martial Arts

Just as basic Aikido teaches the principles of redirection and responsibility found in other martial arts styles, basic Karate teaches the universal principles of punching, kicking, self-defense, and sparring.

Westlake Village Aikido offers Karate classes as part of our martial arts training. Our training emphasizes self-control, personal growth, self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-respect.

Our martial arts classes and Karate classes are an effective step towards greater mastery of martial arts. Skill levels vary, of course, so everyone will receive the personal attention they need to grow. However, our students generally leave our classes with greater physical and mental comprehension than before.

Whether you are new to martial arts or come with some experience, our classes further develop the skills needed to improve your foundation in the art of defense.

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Learn Karate and Aikido from highly disciplined instructors while developing your confidence.

Westlake Village Aikido

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