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Build Confidence with Self-Defense Classes in Westlake Village

Learning self-defense is a key stepping-stone to building self-confidence. Based in Westlake Village and right next to Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village Aikido offers self-defense classes for all ages. If you have encountered bullying or simply wants to feel more secure, our Conejo Valley self-defense classes provide a path to success for achieving the confidence and self-assuredness for each of our students.

Bullies don’t target strong, confident people, and criminals don’t look for people that they think will try and fight back. Instead, they try to find and exploit any weakness they perceive. Learning self-defense teaches you self-respect, self-confidence, and how you present yourself to the world. Not only do you learn to be more confident and powerful, but you also learn how to show your confidence to everyone else.

Learn Self-Defense from an Experienced, Reputable Sensei

With more than 20 years of experience training students in self-defense, Westlake Village Aikido guides each of its students through the art of self-defense. Learn self-defense with our personal safety classes. Our dynamic and empowering defense training not only provides our students with physical defense skills, but it also helps develop the proper mindset that promotes non-violent conflict resolution, such as assertiveness, awareness, and non-physical strategies.

Westlake Village Aikido’s self-defense classes begin by teaching the general principles of Karate. This step is needed to instill the necessary skills for personal defense. Eventually, the classes bridge off into Aikido once the student knows the basics. Our instructors teach each of our students how to ward off physical threats of bullies or perpetrators with proper self-defense technique and mindset. We also help our students identify conflict before it begins, allowing them to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

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Learn Karate and Aikido from highly disciplined instructors while developing your confidence.

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