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Women's Self-Defense Classes in Westlake Village

Westlake Village Aikido understands how important self-defense is for women and girls. Our women's self-defense program incorporates and optimizes the effectiveness of key aspects of martial arts studies. We invite any woman or girl—all ages welcomed—in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and the Conejo Valley to train with us.

Through a unique yet fluid and dynamic approach, we empower our students to defend themselves against bodily harm. We blend multiple martial arts aspects to create devastatingly effective technique exclusively taught to women. Our defense training, based in our extensive experience with Aikido, emphasizes technique over size and power.

Ultimately, our goal is to teach women to first use the tools they have now and then maximize their ability to defend themselves. Through cultivated skills, repetition of practice, and a clear focus, we take our students from zero to self-defense.

How We Provide Self-Defense Training for Women

Westlake Village Aikido takes self-defense very seriously. We treat our self-defense training for women no differently. Ten-year-old girls have been able to break the grip of a more powerful adult man through our training. We teach real skills that help women stop abuse, defend against assault, and live outside of fear.

Westlake Village Aikido empowers women and girls to take control of their personal safety. Students will develop both the awareness to avoid a potentially dangerous situation and the skills to defend yourself from unavoidable situations.

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